Aluminium Foil Tape Vs Duct Tape

The magic of what tape can do to fix and fill holes and ducts is undoubtedly amazing. From aluminium foil tape to duct tape, the invention of a variety of tapes has made our lives easier by a country mile. Today in this article we will be walking you through a detailed analysis of Aluminum Foil Tape vs Duct Tape so that it becomes easier for you to understand their differences and choose the right sort of tape for the correct requirements.

The Duct Tape

Now first and foremost, do not be misguided by the name of Duct Tape as it is not really appropriate for sealing a variety of ducts. Originally, duct tape was created to seal off boxes of ammunition in the military as they were looking for a certain adhesive that would be waterproof as well as easily be able to be torn by soldiers using their hands.

The invention of the duct tape served as the perfect material for sealing off almost all sorts of boxes which were to be transported and over time, grew in popularity. The everyday uses of duct tape in the field of sealing things temporarily while also being waterproof plays a vital role in the ever-escalating demand for duct tape.

Duct tapes can also be quite elastic if you stretch them, which is not the case with aluminium foil tapes. However, if sealing warm vents or heated-up ducts is what you need to solve, it is better to avoid the usage of duct tapes. But remember, for all sorts of everyday holes and cracks and boxes that need to be sealed, the duct tape is always there at your service.

The Aluminum Foil Tape

Now the aluminium foil tape is actually way more durable than normal duct tapes as the gum in duct tapes usually come off after a year. That is not the case with aluminium foil tapes and hence, if you are looking for a tape that will seal something off for a long period, aluminium foil tape will surely score more than duct tapes.

Moreover, aluminium foil tapes are usually more thermal heat resistant and so they are also ideal for vents and ducts compared to normal duct tapes. Their longevity and thermal resistance make aluminium foil tapes quite better than usual duct tapes if you are looking for long time solutions.

Now it is important to notice that aluminium foil tapes will not stretch as much as you want and that is something worth remembering while using them. When it comes to Aluminum Foil Tape vs Duct Tape, it is quite evident that irrespective of a few minor shortcomings, aluminium foil tape scores more points when it comes to thermal resistance and durability.

Final Word

To decide who triumphs in the Aluminum Foil Tape vs Duct Tape saga, it is important to point out what exactly is it that you are looking for in a tape. If you need waterproof and easy-to-use everyday tape for everyday sealing, the duct tape is the one you should get. But if you need something more durable and something you don’t want to be coming off anytime soon, it will be advisable that you look for aluminium foil tape.

That’s all for today. Until next time, Happy Shopping at Faydrop!

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