We are striving to get requests to you securely and to stay up with the latest on the progressions we’ve made during this time.

We are working intimately with our conveyance accomplices to guarantee all conveyances show up securely and on schedule. The prosperity of our clients is a main concern and every single essential precautionary measure are being taken to guarantee the security of the two clients and messengers during this time.

We are presently unfit to transport your request as fast of course. The explanation is, from one perspective, the expanded interest right now and, on the other, the change of our inner abilities to ensure workers. To guarantee their security, we complete extra wellbeing and cleanliness measures in our coordinations place. Lamentably, this implies we at present need longer to process your request than you are utilized to. We along these lines request your comprehension and guarantee you that we will do everything to guarantee that you get your request as quickly as time permits.

We are doing everything we can to guarantee that your requests get to you as quick as possible, however we realize that you, our exquisite clients, will comprehend if there is somewhat of a postponement while we change in accordance with better approaches for working.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries our client care group are here as usual. You can contact them by messaging